The fund management company REDSIDE provides institutions and individual investors with first-class investment solutions and specialist knowledge in the dynamically developing market of alternative investment funds, where we offer both our own investment solutions in the form of our own investment funds and space and know-how to solutions of other investment plans.

As a private, licensed company we try, when making investments, to always think beyond our clients’ investment horizon and also maintain an innovative and individual approach. In an attempt to build a long-term, mutually-beneficial business relationship enabling our clients to achieve their designated investment goals, through a professional portfolio and asset management.

We work with our clients. We invest the financial means of our clients based on a pre-set investment strategy in one of the funds under our management whose strategy focuses on a wide range of assets, from renewable energy sources to publicly-traded equities, real estate, and private equity. All this in compliance with valid Czech and European fund legislation. However, we can establish a new fund structure whose parameters and investment strategy are set, by its foundation, with regard to the client’s profile and needs.

We are responsible for managing our clients’ assets worth EUR 500 mil, allocated to our five investment funds.

Since 2015 we have been a member of The Czech Capital Market Association AKAT


Rudolf Vřešťál

Financial Director, Chairman of the Board

Karel Krhovský

Managing Director, Member of the Board

Juraj Dvořák

Sales Director, Member of the Board

Ondřej Žídek

Fund Manager (Renewables)

Tomáš Berka

Fund Manager (Real Estate)

Pavel Kadera

Asset Manager (Real Estate)

Jan Mathy

Asset Manager (Real Estate)

Izabela Zaťková

Compliance Officer

Šárka Burgetová

Head of Finance/Administration

Dagmar Palková

Risk Management and Financial Controlling

Petra Hradilová

Head of Settlement

Nikola Sedláková

Head of Back Office

Tereza Plhová

Office Manager

Information commitment