Performance of Redside funds in September 2021

Our funds also recorded a positive result in September.

Performance of Redside funds in September 2021

In the past month, the exposure due to favorable weather for the NOVA Green Energy fund was above average and thus achieved a result of 13% above the audit. Cumulatively, in the first nine months of this year, exposure is almost at its average. Biogas plants continue to face both rising input costs and other operating costs. We are resolving the situation intensively with the management of biogas plants and the financing bank. The biomass heating plant in Krnče was slightly below its expected average.

The largest photovoltaic project under construction in Csabrendek, Hungary, with an output of 28.5 MW is progressing according to schedule. The last components are currently being connected, and the power plant is expected to be connected to the distribution network at the end of October.

The NOVA Real Estate real estate fund registers a gradual increase in the number of requests for office space. "We perceive that this interest is still fragile and very cautious, and so in particular the relatively higher flexibility in terms of lease by landlords will prevail," comments Pavel Kadera, the Fund Manager, on the situation.

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