Performance of Redside funds in July 2021

Our funds also recorded a positive result in July.

Performance of Redside funds in July 2021

Since the beginning of the year, the production of photovoltaic power plants from the NOVA Green Energy fund has accumulated above the limit of the energy audit after less exposure months, specifically in July it exceeded the audit by 6%. On the contrary, biogas plants face both rising input costs and other operating costs. We are resolving the situation intensively with the management of biogas plants and the financing bank. The biomass heating plant in Krnče was at its expected average. The largest photovoltaic project under construction in Csabrendek, Hungary, with an output of 28.5 MW is progressing according to schedule, the installation of inverters and transformer stations is currently underway, and the installation of panels is almost complete.

The real estate fund NOVA Real Estate concluded two lease agreements for the Smíchov Gate office building with a total size of 960 square meters. One of the companies operates in the field of information technology and the other in the field of construction. We believe that the gradual recovery in the office segment will remain in the market, but the relatively higher flexibility in terms of lease will prevail.

All this year's results are not audited yet.

At the same time, on the website of the individual funds, you will find reporting for the month of July:

Reporting NOVA Green Energy

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