Performance of REDSIDE funds in May 2022

Monthly reporting of REDSIDE funds for the period 05/2022

NOVA Real Estate 

In May 2022, the appreciation of the NOVA Real Estate fund reached 0.51% and thus the overall appreciation since the beginning of the year is 2.84%.

In the area of leases, we successfully completed negotiations and subsequently signed two lease agreements in office buildings. COWEO Technologies (technology segment) has signed a long-term lease agreement in the Panorama Business Center building. We have agreed with Mercedes-Benz Czech Republic (automotive) to lease space in the Anděl 17 building. The entire Anděl 17 office building is hereby leased for a period of more than four years.

In Trenčín, Veeser and Yanfeng filled the last vacancies, and by the end of May 2022, the entire complex was fully leased. At the end of the summer, we will start building additional parking spaces in Trenčín.

At the moment, we have the necessary permits and after the completion of the design work, we will start a tender for the construction contractor.

NOVA Green Energy

During May, we focused mainly on completing the refinancing of the Slovak portfolio and internal

reorganization in the form of the transfer of part of the assets to Sub-Fund 2. In the coming weeks, the firsttransfer of selected assets from Sub-Fund 1 to Sub-Fund 2 and the issue of the first Sub-Fund 2 investment shares will take place.

For Slovak photovoltaics, we have consolidated the number of financing banks from the previous seven t two, which will lead, among other things, to better liquidity management and the strengthening of relations with banks. At the same time, we managed to fix interest rates at an acceptable level by the end of feed-in tariffs.

Europe and we are optimizing the current portfolio to make the most of the positive sentiment in the energy markets. The appreciation of the NOVA Green Energy fund for the month of May 2022 was + 0.41%, and for the year 2022 + 2.28% YTD.

You can read more in the March reports of individual funds.

Reporting NOVA Real Estate

Reporting NOVA Green Energy