The Anděl 17 office building has acquired a significant tenant

We are pleased to announce that at the turn of April and May, we signed a long-term lease agreement with Mercedes-Benz Czech Republic within our investment fund NOVA Real Estate, in our Anděl 17 building, thus ensuring 100% occupancy of office space. of this building. The entire office building is hereby leased on average with other tenants for the next four years.

About the Anděl 17 building

Thanks to its location, functionality and uniqueness, the building has attracted major international companies - Google, Pfizer, who have signed long-term leases. With its A-class quality, Anděl 17 fully competes with the current trend and the requirements of tenants for modern office space. The building is located in the heart of the modern dynamic business part of Prague 5 - Anděl. With its infrastructure and a certain prestige, the Anděl location attracts many international companies, especially from the IT and pharmaceutical industries. This prestigious building was designed by the D3A architects studio.