February 2020 performance of Redside funds

Almost all our funds reported their standard monthly performance in February.

Of course, the only exceptions were those that are exposed to the stock markets. The pan-European index Euro Stoxx 50 started to fall more significantly already in the last week of February (since Monday the 24th of February) and wrote off -8.55% for the whole month. This fact was behind the losses of the ARCA OPPORTUNITY fund. For the sub-fund 1, the February decline was limited to -0.95% mainly due to a low weight of equities in the whole portfolio (approximately 15%). In the sub-fund 2, we have holdings in the companies solely from the CEE region, hence its February decline was -7.66%.

All the results are unaudited. You can also find the performance of the funds and other details about them on the individual fund pages.

We will also publish monthly reports of individual funds on our website in the coming days.