News5. 27. 2021

Performance of Redside funds in April 2021

Our funds recorded a positive result in April.

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News4. 9. 2021

Regional shopping centers proves their stability

Shorter time spent in and higher spendings per capita are one of the differences in shopping behavior, which were introduced by COVID restrictions. We do explain the influence of restrictions on our retail projects bellow.

News3. 23. 2021

Performance of Redside funds in February 2021

Our funds continued their winning streak in February. Those that are partially or completely tied to the stock markets did exceptionally well.

News3. 22. 2021

Pavel Kadera: Offices will continue to be important for many companies

The success of companies often depends on the corporate culture, which is a set of patterns of behavior and habits applied in the company. And you will not build this culture through teleconferencing, "Pavel Kadera responds to the current situation around office buildings.

firemní novinky2. 22. 2021

Performance of Redside funds in January 2021

Our funds started this year positively. All reported their expected monthly performance.

The best beginning of the year we have ever seen in the NGE's history, fund manager Ondřej Žídek says

NOVA Green Energy fund has experienced the best quarter in its seven-year existence. Despite all the crises of 2020. The coronavirus crisis has hit the world economy and thus financial markets.

Corporate News3. 19. 2020

February 2020 performance of Redside funds

Almost all our funds reported their standard monthly performance in February.

Corporate News3. 16. 2020

The coronavirus pandemic does not affect the performance of NOVA Green Energy

Statement of the fund manager Ondřej Žídek on the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic on the performance of NOVA Green Energy fund

Corporate News3. 16. 2020

Redside statement on the current epidemic of COVID-19

Following the current situation with coronavirus epidemic not only in Czechia but in the whole Europe, we would like to evaluate the past development of the global financial markets and its potential impact on the performance of our funds.

Biomass Powerplant Krnča

Your Italian pizza could possibly be baked in an oven, heated by burning wood from Slovakian Krnča.