Basic Data

Basic data of the investment fund ARCA OPPORTUNITY, SICAV, a.s.

Fund type Investment fund with variable registered capital
Fund focus/objective Private equity, stocks, corporate bonds, receivables
Investment strategy The Fund focuses on equity investments to invest in companies whose are on the market undervalued and with growth prospects and on investment in liquid stocks with large market capitalization.
Fund size 402.181 thous. CZK
Issued security Investment ordinary shares in certificated form
Fund duration Since 1 January 2012 for an indefinite period of time
Minimum client’s investment/Initial capital requirement EUR 125,000 / CZK 1,000,000
Fund manager REDSIDE, Fund Management.
Management fees Costs related to Subfund’s asset management settled from the Subfund shall not exceed 1,59 % of Subfund’s capital annually.
Depository UniCredit Bank
Auditor PWC Audit
Supervisory authority Czech National Bank
Law and accounting system Czech Republic
Subfund taxation 5 % from profit
Target return 10 % p. a.


Audited net appreciation

17.46 %%

Strategic focus of the Fund

Investments in special-purpose loans for private equity projects in various sectors, including housing, receivables, the automotive industry and others. The Fund may also acquire other funds of qualified investors. As well as publicly traded shares from the region of Central and Eastern Europe, which at the moment appear to be undervalued.

Investment goals and investment horizon

The aim of the fund is to achieve income from stock investment price dividends, stock investment dividends, income from financial instruments with interest income, from bond investment price movements, from paid bond investment coupons, from returns held by equity investments, all within the recommended investment horizon of three and more years.

Entry into or exit from the Fund

This is an open form of investment fund, the fund is obliged to repurchase issued investment shares. A shareholder may sell his shares to a third party with the consent of the manager, while the conditions imposed on the person of a qualified investor pursuant to § 272 para. a) to h) of Act No. 240/2013 Coll., on investment companies and investment funds. For more details see. statute of ARCA OPPORTUNITY, SICAV, a.s.


Investments are subject in particular to operational risk, counterparty risk, insufficient liquidity risk, market risk related in particular to stock market fluctuations and concentration risk to entities operating within the Arca Capital financial group.

Individual trades can be executed in different currencies, therefore it is also necessary to take into account the currency risk that may adversely affect the return on investment in the investor's reference currency.

Due to its investment strategy, the Sub-Fund is exposed to the credit risk of the parties with which it trades.

The sub-fund is classified in category 5.

To determine the aggregate risk indicator, we used available data from comparable investment funds on the Czech market.


Actual value of the Sub-fund´s investment share as of 12/2021: 1682.0340 CZK

Audited net appreciation in 2015: 17.46%
Audited net appreciation in 2016: 6.81 %
Audited net appreciation in 2017: 11.55 %
Audited net appreciation in 2018: 4.15 %
Audited net appreciation in 2019: 7.78 %
Audited net appreciation in 2020: -4.10 %

Performance as of December 2021:

1 month:  -0.11 %
6 months:   3.66 %
1 year:  -0.08 %
Cumulative performance 68.20 %
YTD:  -0.08 %

Asset fund structure